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Victory is a special place to us and we hope to make it a special place for you as well.  Over 40 years ago, Tim had his first job here as a “maintenance boy” which means that he did whatever they asked him to do and in exchange, he was able to play Tennis at Victory Tennis Center. At about the same time, Karen & Tim met on the tennis court and it was “love at first sight for Tim”.  A little over 5 years later, Tim & Karen were married and in honor of their love of tennis, here’s a picture of them on their wedding day.

Picture for History.jpg
Picture for History 2.jpg

New Victory

We knew Rockford deserved a great indoor Pickleball club and we kept saying that Victory would be the perfect place but it wasn’t for sale.  As Tim worked with Nathan Bryant to find a location, a friend told Tim that the Victory owners would likely be open to selling.  Tim worked with Nathan and secured a contract on the building and here we are, rebuilding what was a great venue back into a great venue.

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